Meeting Minutes

VVPA Minutes from December 2013 Monthly Meeting:

Meeting called to order: Nominees for Association Board Members approved.
Marlene Sandkamp: President
Yolanda Foley: First Vice President
Sheridan Bell: Second Vice President
Oona Jackson Moore: Secretary
Cecilia DeLeon: Treasurer
John Ross; At Large
Jeff Agnew: At Large


Rob Luckritz from Jersey City Medical Center came to discuss the ordinance before the City Council on Wednesday 12/18 to authorize a controversial First Responder services contract to either the 130 year provider, JCMC or to Bayonne-based Carepoint/McKabe Ambulance. The goal is to table the vote until the Council can investigate the matter further via outside council to determine if it is legal for the City to accept up to $2.6million from Carepoint/McKabe for reimbursement of Fire Department first responder costs.

JCMC retains Paramedic services to Hudson County by law. Points brought up include:

:Emergency services are a mandatory payout by insurance companies no matter what hospital you are taken to.

:Bayonne Medical Center/Christ Hospital and Hoboken Medical Center are all a part of Carepoint and are for profit hospitals

:JCMC is a not-for-profit hospital and has turned down monies for $4million for the first time in many years; and is now operating for the first time in ages in the black.

:Fire Department and First Responder (ambulance services) compete to see who arrives at scene first. JCMC usually is first since it uses computer modelling to station first responders in high need neighborhoods

UPDATE: On Wednesday, the matter was tabled by the City Council until 2014.


28 Bright Street Project:

City Councilman at Large Rolando Lavarro informed VVPA that JCRA will be voting soon to authorize a 31 unit/8 affordable units/15 parking spots project. Franklin Development Group is the new developer. he has reached out to us and is trying to get the Developer to a meeting in the near future.


Bright & Varick Street Project:

Legal brief received 12/4.

Lawyer for City found ambiguity in plan and sent request to Zoning Board of Adjustments for a decision.

Zoning forwarded matter to Anthony Cruz head of Housing & Economic Development to render a decision on the plan.

Need for citizens to follow up with calls to City Clerk: 201.547.5150, regarding expediting VVPA open public request for documents pertaining to Bright and Varick Street project: correspondences between Planning Department, Mayors Office and Zoning Department. 7 10 day deadline has passed.

UPDATE: Received OPRA documents 12/26. Reviewed them and have uploaded a few of the documents pertaining to our situation. Rushman has decided that his plan has been approved by “default” of the Planning Board to either deny or grant approval in a timely fashion.


437 Jersey Avenue-Cake Lush:

Applicant wants Category 2 restaurant. They are attempting to go again before the Historic Preservation Commission. This is a repeat attempt at change zoning status. There is also illegal table service at Bubby’s Burrito and no permits were pulled on what was originally zoned office space.


Silverman Project: Condo project changed to apartments. 90 units/46 parking spots


VVPA lawyer costs require a need for urgent fundraising.

A push for tax deducted donations before end of year was urgently proposed.

Outstanding bill is $9243.88


Meeting adjourned. Holiday refreshments and merriment followed. : )