Our Mission & Board Members

First established in 1975, the Van Vorst Park Association is a Not for Profit 501-c3 volunteer organization working toward promoting a better quality of life in our neighborhood and the larger community. We strive to create opportunities for people to work together and make a difference in their neighborhood.

Working as community advocates for the neighborhood, our goals are:

  • To provide a place where people can meet, communicate and discuss issues of mutual interest learning about their neighbors and city.
  • To provide guidance and opportunity for each member to bring their ideas and talents to help grow and improve their community by encouraging an open dialogue.
  • To identify and create an awareness of the challenges within the community through monthly meetings, newsletters and speaker presentations.
  • To understand the concerns and issues of the community to help facilitate possible solutions that represent the concerns of the community as a whole.
  • To provide an effective communication link with City Officials to express the interests, concerns and opinions of our neighborhood to represent community issues regarding: quality of life, public safety, land use planning, traffic control, police and fire protection, mass-transit, community relations, local ordinance enforcement, and city services.
  • To encourage and support positive development that is desirable for residents and businesses within and adjacent to the neighborhood association boundaries.
  • To represent neighborhood interests by working with other neighborhood associations, civic entities, and various organizations.
  • To build new relationships between neighbors through social activities. Social opportunities help bring people together and increase social capital.



President: Oona Jackson Moore
First Vice President: Gerry Bakirtjy
Second Vice President: Jeff Agnew  
Secretary: Yolanda Foley
Treasurer: Thomas Ogorzalek
At Large: Benjamin Bernouy
At Large: John Ross
Director of Outreach: Angelo Estrada
Director of Special Projects: Dermot Ronan


Events:  Eric Carter

Construction & Planning:  Ceci De Leon

Elections:  Dan Webber

Films:  Marlene & Tony Sandkamp