November 2017 VVPA Monthly Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Minutes – November 21st, 2017

7:15 pm – Call to Order / Opening Remarks- President Oona Moore

  • Parking Committee Update – Sent list of agreements/disagreements on parking issues to Mayor, asked to wait for new council to be seated to move forward
    • Agreement: Enforcement of parking rules, increase parking enforcement hours; HPHA & PHNA agreed to trial of 3 hour window for parking w/o permit.  Will continue to meet w/ Mayor and Planning to continue looping in vendors (parking meter vendors for high traffic streets)
    • City needs to adopt a layered approach to help to alleviate parking concerns.  Planning Department applied for grant for a professional assessment of parking issues.
  • Looking for volunteers for DCNA Holiday event!  Email to volunteer.
  • JC Housing Authority looking for applications for various housing developments
  • Friends of Liberty State Park – Marina is looking to be developed on South end of park. Take action, let your voice be heard!  Protest Rally on December 2nd at 11am near picnic area.

Officer/Committee Reports

Treasurer Report – Dermot Ronan

  • Cash position is positive, all in good standing.  Bright & Varick legal fee liability outstanding.

Construction Committee Report – Tom Ogorzalek

  • 328 Montgomery – Developed property to become a restaurant space, but appears to have tried to circumvent the process.  Developer wanted certificate of appropriateness but was tabled.  All have to abide by rules.  The original architect spoke out to indicate that he never developed construction plans for the project.  Cannot open without TCO or COO which still has to be approved.
  • Medical Center on Grand Street looking to partner w/ a company to provide some additional services/general practitioner to the community on 2nd/3rd  Floor.  This is in the Montgomery Gateway Redevelopment plan.
  • Wayne Street Bodega – will turn into a cafe under the new regulation
  • Bottom Line: Keep VVPA in the loop, and need to show up when there are public hearings

Bright & Varick – Ceci de Leon

  • Hopeful that this will get moved up to Supreme Court, similar issue in Hoboken which used the same defense as Bright & Varick

Events Committee Report – Eric Carter

  • Barrow Mansion Decorating Party – 12/8/17 @ 7pm – looking for volunteers, bring a friend!
  • DCNA Holiday Party – 12/9/17 @ 7pm – FREE!  All are welcome!  Singers & Dance Party!
  • Irish Dance Fundraiser in March, 2018 – Irish dance lessons, soda bread, etc.  Stay tuned for details!


President – Benjamin Bernouy

2nd VP – Katie Brennan

Secretary – Joanna Arceri


Guest Speakers

PicoTech – Michael – Bright St & Monmouth

  • PicoTech Institute is a local learning center focused on teaching 3D Printing, all types of Engineering, and Design related programs Programs for PreK and above.  They also offer other community and family programs, including Fridays: Community nights 6pm – 9pm, Networking events

New Parking App – Richard Trent

  • Citizen tech project
    • Driver: confusing parking signs
    • Potential solution: map parking signs in downtown; send reminders for when to move car
    • Want feedback to ensure it meets needs
    • Go to – Hamilton Park data is uploaded currently, but will be adding Van Vorst neighborhood soon

38 Mercer St. – Presented to construction and planning committee, looking for community feedback

  • Redevelopment Plan Amendment Request – will be written specifically to the property, additional height & stories, add ability for work/live use
  • Benefits – gateway to neighborhood will welcome foot traffic
  • Iconic building/firehouse

Community Concerns:

  • Use for ground floor w/r/t parking
  • Overall Height of building
  • Deviations being requested (adding a 4th story to be overall 49′ Height)
  • Deviation for what would normally be allowed (Mixed use is permitted as of right going to multiple residences
  • Purpose of rooftop – working rooftop with deck area which will be set back, other decks are not visible or minimal view
  • How will rainwater be collected?  (storage tank)
  • Communication with neighbors on impact
  • Fire egress
  • Will need more detail/floorplans, request presenters to come back
  • Presenters can provide PDF of information

88 Regent Street. – Departure from what has originally be constructed along Regent Street (but fully approved by City)

  • Looking to build a skinny tower at South end of block
  • Fully conforms to zoning
  • Construction should start mid-2018, anticipated to be a 30-month build-out
  • Pile driving estimated to be about 3 months duration, will be shielded from much of the noise and vibration due to the surrounding buildings already built on site.

Community Concerns:

  • Connection between Jersey Avenue Bridge Extension, the city’s traffic study and this project’s redevelopment plan
  • Parking for Van Vorst residents will be available for rent (this was an amendment to the redevelopment plan)
  • Facade materials being changed as construction gets underway – Developer says “No”

Adjournment – 9:30 pm

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