June 2016 VVPA Monthly Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes – June 21st, 2016

7:05pm – Call to Order – First Vice President Gerry Bakirtjy

Officer / Committee Reports

Treasurer Report – Tom Ogorzalek

  • Golf Outing – took in ~$3800, after expenses; Art Show was part of JC Fridays – took in about ~660. These profits allow us to be able to fund other events and donate to other organizations.

Construction /Development Committee Report – Tom Ogorzalek

  • 87 Bright St – nothing substantive to report at this time
  • 28 Bright St – nothing substantive to report at this time
  • York St. – fully enclosed, scaffolding up
  • 328 Montgomery St.
    • Background:
      • 30-year old redevelopment plan in place for location. Redevelopment plan doesn’t have a termination date.   Development is as of right to be a bar/restaurant, but it is not confirmed at this point what it will be until plans are submitted to City.
      • Currently at 100% lot coverage with only one ingress/egress, therefore maximum occupancy would be limited to 49 people, including staff
      • Owner filed a certificate of no effect w/ historic commission for interior only work, including steel grate on front door. Permit issued to perform this work, but when they tore the steel grate down, they also tore down part of the façade. City issued a stop work order on this project, community believes this is being ignored by owners. Applicant filed w/ historic for front façade renovation.
    • Current Status & Next Steps:
      • Ray Meyer, head of construction department, will allow applicant to continue work when they submit plans and documents for Kitchen hoods, HVAC systems and get approval for plumbing and fire permits. Approved permits have to be posted on the bldg. in plain sight.
      • It is believed that the applicant will be required to go in front of the historic board, then will have to submit minor site plan and go in front of planning board.   Applicant has not submitted application yet.
    • Community Action Items:
      • Enforcement is handled by the Police, so if you observe issues that require enforcement, contact the police non-emergency number (201-547-5477) as well as calling the Resident’s Response Center (RRC – 201-547-4900) and/or sending photos, etc. to the RRC via the Jersey City Connect app. The RRC will alert office of construction who has the ability to levy fines and issue stop work orders.
      • Public can voice concerns about this at historic and planning meetings
      • VVPA’s Construction and Planning Committee will reach out to Adam to provide additional information as it becomes available.

Events Committee Report – Eric Carter/Marlene Sandkamp

  • Movies in the park in full swing!
  • Upcoming events – garden tour + winetasting w/ limited tickets (fundraiser), white party (supper party in the park – candles, flowers, tablecloths, byo food & drink), disco in the park in August (DJ, food truck). Stay tuned!

New Business

  • Membership vote on Embankment Preservation Coalition Donation Request
    • Motion for $400 to Embankment made, seconded, and approved
  • Noemi from JCRRC provided information on how to sign up for Jersey City Connect app – will post on website.
  • Community request to add speed humps on Mercer between Jersey Ave & Varick St., looking for VVPA to support this
  • Resident only parking – if there is a desire for it, you need to get a petition that is approved.       Reach out to RRC for additional information on the process.


Guest Speakers

  • Embankment Preservation Coalition
    • Functionally abandoned, but not legally abandoned. This is a historic asset, want to convey that message to federal government. Surface Transpiration Board is doing a historic review —- need all the comments to discuss the historic value of the embankment.
    • State and Municipal Landmark – important to culture and history of city
    • For additional information, please go to: www.embankment.org
    • Looking in the future to make this open space and pushing to establish connected greenways (non- motorized transportation system can be augmented into existing system). Key to green space area is directly connected to rail areas.
    • Timeline for next major decision – end of summer
    • Action Items: Send Postcard (Use the word HISTORY in your communications to support this campaign)
  • Marc Wesson, Friends of Van Vorst Park – Tabled
    • Marc was not able to make it, but asked that you reach out to him directly to submit any inquiries about the park or to offer suggestions for how to improve upon the park: www.friendsofvanvorstpark.com
    • Marla Priest, Director of Mana Wine
    • Works at Mana Contemporary – Journal Square area
    • Started wine program there (Mana wine is not a retailer) – they offer programs from basic 101 level to sophisticated level for wine enthusiasts, as well as Art and Wine Storage.
    • For additional information, reach out to Marla: www.Manawine.com
  • June Jones, Executive Director Morris Canal Community Development Corporation – Tabled

Adjournment – 9:00 pm

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