April 2016 VVPA Monthly Meeting Minutes

20 Apr 2016, Posted by Yolanda Foley in Minutes
Meeting Minutes

7:05pm – Call to Order – President Oona Moore

Officer / Committee Reports

Treasurer Report – Tabled
Construction /Development Committee Report – Tabled
Bright & Varick Committee Report– Tabled
Events Committee Report – Eric Carter/Marlene Sandkamp

  • Art Show in connection with JC Fridays – June 3rd at Barrow Mansion. Calling all artists to donate art, as well as volunteers to help out with the event. Contact Maria @ bestcats99@yahoo.com for additional information and to participate!
  • Inaugural Golf OutingJune 10th – Skyway Golf Course at Lincoln Park West – food & drinks included, more info to come soon, so stay tuned!


New Business

  • Parking Concerns & Community Action Items
    • Per Councilwoman Osborne, each neighborhood to come up with their own areas to pilot red zone painting/enforcement in trouble spots. Will send list to her, and community to monitor/advise how pilot is going.
      • Meaningful discussions about change must include Traffic Engineer, Director of Parking Authority, and Representative from the Law Department to see what kind of clear ordinance is viable and enforceable.
      • Resident only parking proposed on streets where there is parking on only one side – what is criteria to establish which streets will be resident only?
      • Enforcement is paramount to this to make it successful – more people were hired for this purpose.  Community suggested change color of annual sticker to help make enforcement easier.
      • James Solomon – community member with background in urban planning will be doing a community presentation for the Heights neighborhood organizations to discuss options for parking concerns. Willing to do something similar for the Downtown neighborhoods – stay tuned, more information to come on this.
  • LSP Letter to Army Corps of Engineers re: Commercial Barges
    • Received request from Candice Osborne’s office to ask us to sign on to letter to oppose commercial barges, general consensus from association is to sign on to this letter.
    • NJ/NY Baykeeper – go to their site for additional information on this issue
  • Master Plan
    • Mayor agreed to find funds this year to move forward with a master plan for the city. Planning Department will draft RFP to do nationwide search for firm to assist with this.
    • Need 1-2 reps per association to liaison with (VVPA recommendation: Tom Ogorzalek & ean Gallagher).
    • Other non-VVPA board members are also encouraged to step up to volunteer & share in the load for this or any other initiatives where community leadership is needed.
    • Bayonne also has done recent work in this area, opportunity to learn lessons from their approach
    • Boston City Planner conference call –
      • “Meeting in a Box” – funnel information to city in the same way
      • Office of Neighborhood Services – staffed by professionals to be liaison between City and the communities
      • Long term vision with great website for information
  • Zone captain for Great Jersey City Cleanup needed – contact vvpanews@gmail.com to volunteer
  • Get to know your Neighbors Initiative – Invite leadership from other community groups to introduce themselves and bridge the gap between neighbors.  Will help to bond across neighborhoods.
  • Columbus & Barrow Parking Lot – Del Forno Real Estate asked Aaron (a community member) what the community would like in that spot. Just goes to show, we can influence and make a difference in the development process!
  • Donation Request for Embankment Preservation Coalition – go to their site for additional information and to donate
  • Property Tax Reval – video available about reval & property tax appeal process – see our newsletter for link
  • Future Meeting Topics/Ideas – email suggestions to vvpanews@gmail.com



Guest Speaker Captain Dan Sollitti, East District (stand in for Director Shea)

  • Schools – better drop off plans needed, additional police presence is not feasible. Looking to reconfigure the traffic patterns, working with school parking guard coordinator (Cynthia Vazquez) to evaluate parking guard personnel skills, working with school safety officials to address.
  • Deployment of Officers – Information about the stats can be obtained on City Website. Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) information on calls for service.       Also can look at police radio on your smartphone.
  • East District – Thankfully not many violent crimes, but have many Property crimes & quality of life crimes. Will be getting additional officers soon to help address some of these issues.
  • Coffee with a Cop Program – open forum for discussion between community & police. Community suggested having it at Van Vorst Park – stay tuned for information!
  • Interaction from community groups helps drive where police are dispatched to prevent issues, so reach out to Captain Sollitti or Dina to let them know about your concerns.
  • Reach Captain Sollitti via the JCPD website (http://www.njjcpd.org/east-district).       Email feedback form on police website to report ongoing issues (do NOT use the form to alert police to crimes in progress; instead, call 911)
  • Curfew for kids in the park – 11pm (dedicated curfew crew)
  • To report non-emergency issues (e.g. persons sleeping in Park), use the Non-Emergency Number: 201-547-5477


Adjournment – 9:00 pm

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