Jersey Ave Bridge Letter: VVPA to City & Turnpike Authority

16 Jul 2015, Posted by Yolanda Foley in News You Can Use, Updates

Thank you all for your comments regarding the Jersey Avenue Bridge.  The VVPA has consolidated all of the comments into on comprehensive document and sent a letter on behalf of the community to the City and Turnpike Authority.  Click here to view a copy of that letter.

  • Armandeo

    I think the bridge will be a great addition to the JC portfolio. the letter assumes all the traffic is going into holland tunnel. people do that even today. i don’t think this bridge will change that drastically. More importantly the other side of traffic has not been discussed at all. there are areas near the science center that can be highly commercialized or converted to high rise residential and this road will help spread out residents there as well. about time for trader joes and chipotle to open stores here and i think there are some great spots here to facilitate that.

    you cannot block a bridge just because traffic lights are not fixed at other roads. otherwise, just a whole lot of whining going on in this letter.

    • Yolanda Foley

      We agree that traffic and quality of life issues absolutely need to be discussed in further detail as this will certainly be a huge impact to all of Jersey City, not just the surrounding wards/communities. Thanks for the feedback, Armandeo!


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