01 Apr 2014, Posted by Oona Moore in News You Can Use
From JCPD:
Please be advised we are receiving complaints and reports of telephone scams involving motor vehicle accidents and balances with PSE& G . In the motor vehicle accident calls, someone calls and states a family member was just involved in a motor vehicle accident and injured a family member of the caller.  The caller than requests money or they will kill the family member.
In the PSE&G calls, an alleged representative calls and states a balance is due and unless it is paid immediately, usually by some form of prepaid card(s), service will be shut off.
Please do not send money or forms of payment to anyone/organization when being requested via telephone call.  Additionally, please file a formal report with the Jersey City Police Department by calling the non-emergency number at 201-547-5477 or responding to the East District at 207 7th St.



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