16 Jan 2014, Posted by Oona Moore in News You Can Use

Happy New Year!

This is an update on the latest developments in the Bright & Varick project.

The VVPA requested all documents from City Officials regarding this project via OPRA (Open Public Records Act). We were finally given a portion of documents weeks after they were due from the City Clerks office the day after Christmas. What was included though was eye opening to say the least. But what was clear to us and our lawyers was that Steve Fulop seems to be on our side now agreeing that the density will require a variance from the Board of Adjustment. And there was a letter from Corporate Counsel informing the developer of the same. We’ve uploaded some of the documents, including those mentioned above on brightandvarick.blogspot.com.

However, yesterday neighbors in the vicinity of Bright & Varick started receiving mail from Michael Rushman’s lawyer informing us the Bright & Varick Urban Renewal Co (The Developer) clams approval of its application for preliminary and major site plan by reason of failure by the Jersey City Planning Board to grant or deny their application within the statutory time period after submission. We were not surprised by this attempt in light of Michael Rushman’s post on JCList in December. We’ve emailed Steve Fulop and others for comment. Steve emailed us back and verifies that “it is NOT approved”. There are now emails unanswered to Bob Cotter and the Planning Department on what actions are being taken. We hope to hear from them shortly and will update in an email this weekend.

In the meantime, we have been keeping in touch with our lawyers. Since they sent our letter to the City they have been on hold waiting to appear on our behalf for whatever action needs to happen, whether it’s Zoning or Planning Board agendas. They’ve been updated on the latest news and are researching the next steps for us to take.

We encourage you to reach out to us if you have received any notification from the Developer. vvpanews@gmail.com We will be diligently trying to find out what the City’s stance is on this latest tactic by Michael Rushman.

Oh, and get ready for some more fundraisers…..!

Thanks to all

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