Halloween SUCCESS!!!

01 Nov 2013, Posted by Oona Moore in News You Can Use
Halloween Spooktacular

What an AMAZING turnout!!  We lost count but there were hundreds of Supermans, Batmans, Princesses, Zombies,Stormtroopers (big day for Star Wars costumes!) elephants, monkeys, kitty cats, and one dog dressed up like a skunk.  Friends of Van Vorst Park member & all around great neighbor Jeff, found and bought all the fun blow up decorations!! Thanks Jeff!!

Children were polite, parents were appreciative and we are thankful that we were able to make this Halloween one for neighbors in Van Vorst Park to remember.

Favorite line from the night, when asked what the magic words for the night were…one little costumed boy answered “CANDY”  (correct answer was “trick or treat”. he got candy anyhow!!)


For all those who asked us about the Bright & Varick Redevelopment plan–make sure to go to:  www.brightandvarick.blogspot.com for all the background and current actions being taken including who to call this week….

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