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01 May 2013, Posted by admin in News You Can Use

Thanks to all the candidates who joined us last night for our informal meet and greet.   We talked, we laughed, we learned, we ate and we drank!! Thanks to Ward E candidates Fletcher Gensamer, Dan Levin, Candice Osbourne, At-large Candidate Rolando Lavarro,  Ward F candidates Diane Coleman &  Chantel Snow and Mayoral candidate Steve Fulop for a great night.

If you were unable to make it to our meeting…. join the DCNA tomorrow night Thursday April 18th for a council debate right here in our Van Vorst Neighborhood.  There’s also a mayoral debate on May 2nd as well…so get out, learn about our candidates, be informed and then VOTE!!!


Ø  WARD E DEBATE – April 18, 2013 7:00pm MS4 107 Bright Street

Ø  WARD F DEBATE – April 18, 2013 8:00pm MS4 107 Bright Street

Ø  MAYORAL DEBATE – May 2, 2013 7:00pm MS4 107 Bright Street

April 12, 2013 (Jersey City, NJ) Non-profit community organization
CivicJC and the Downtown Coalition of Neighborhood Associations (DCNA)
will present three debates ahead of the May 14 Jersey City elections.
All candidates for Mayor and Council in Wards E and F have accepted
invitations to debate.   Questions will focus on issues concerning
downtown Jersey City residents as well as citywide issues.  All
residents are welcomed to attend.

Ward E and F Council debates will be moderated by Dr. Jonathan
Wharton, a Political Science professor at Stevens Institute of
Technology in Hoboken, NJ.  He is also president of the DCNA and
Historic Paulus Hook Association.

Mayoral debate will be moderated by a panel of reporters from local
news organizations asking questions along with members of the

About the organizations: CivicJC is a non-partisan community-based
initiative designed to promote a comprehensive and positive vision for
the future of Jersey City as a world class city. CivicJC provides
information and policy initiatives designed to make Jersey City an
exceptional place to live, work and visit. CivicJC concentrates on
efforts that will improve the transparency of decision-making of
Jersey City government.  The Downtown Coalition of Neighborhood
Associations (DCNA) is a non-partisan collection of neighborhood
associations united to work on common goals and issues affecting the
downtown Jersey City area, The DCNA includes the Harsimus Cove
Association, Hamilton Park Neighborhood Association, Van Vorst Park
Association and Historic Paulus Hook Association.

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