23 May 2013, Posted by admin in News You Can Use

The Liberty State Park Footbridge, which will be known officially later this summer as the Ethel Pesin Liberty Footbridge, was opened today with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Back in January, a coalition of concerned neighbors from various neighborhood associations got together with City Engineer, Jeff Reeves to discuss how best to expedite the planning and construction of this important corridor connecting Downtown JC to Liberty State Park and the Bergen-Lafayette neighborhood.  The intital group consisted of Stephanie Daniels of the Historic Paulus Hook Association, Tony Sandkamp of the VVPA, Marc Wesson of Friends of Van Vorst Park, Sam Pesin of Friends of Liberty State Park, Daniel Weiss of Friends of Liberty State Park, David Korn, a local architect and Dave Slurz, a local contractor. 17 associations and groups from across the city sent a letter to our City Council and Mayor Healy asking that they support and expedite the rebuilding of the footbridge by Memorial Day.  Council approved, and so long as the footbridge was in the same location as the original one that was destroyed during Sandy, FEMA would pay 75 percent of the total cost.  Designs were discussed and the quickest solution was a prefabricated steel bridge with 100ft deep pilings and concrete abutments.

So with the persistence and determination of those mentioned above and the cooperation of City Council, Mayor Healy, Rosemary McFadden the Mayor’s Chief of Staff, Jeff Reeves, Asst. City Engineer, Rodney Hadley from Public Works and the hard work of the laborers at the job site we can all enjoy walking, running, or biking over to Liberty State Park and visiting our fellow Ward F neighbors!!  Thanks to all who made this happen!!

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