Bright Street Redevelopment Update

22 Apr 2013, Posted by admin in News You Can Use

Bright Street Redevelopment Plan

We received numerous emails and calls regarding our last memo on the Redevelopment plan so members of the VVPA Board attended the City council meeting on April 10th to hear the first reading of the ordinance regarding the amendments to the Bright Street Redevelopment Plan.  Steve Fulop, our Ward E council representative, asked after seeing us in attendance, that we write to members of the council before their next council meeting about our concerns with the plan.  We are including a letter we drafted and sent below. Please take a moment and read the letter as it outlines the critically important changes to our Historic Van Vorst Park District that are proposed in the amendments to the Redevelopment plan.

If you are concerned or interested and want to have your voice heard, you are welcome to speak at the meeting this Wednesday April 24th 6pm at Council Chambers, City Hall. To do so, you must submit your name to the office of the city clerk to be included on the list.  The city clerk’s phone number is 201.547.5150.

If you have any further questions or concerns email us before Wednesday at


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