Bright Street Redevelopment Plan News

22 Apr 2013, Posted by admin in News You Can Use

Just a quick FYI

It was brought to our attention the day of the Planning Board meeting last week that amendments are being proposed to the Bright Street Redevelopment Plan within the Van Vorst Park District.

The lots in question sit between Barrow & Grove in what used to be the old school parking lot and most recently had trailers on it that were being used by PS#3. The proposed building will be mixed use with 41 units (condos) above the first floor office space. A formal presentation has not been given, so the project specifics aren’t fully known. Some of the changes to the original plan are:

Adding mixed-use Professional Offices (including medical) on the ground floor to lots over 10,000 sf. 5 foot rear yard setback (usually 30 ft) steps back 20′ at 2nd floor 5 stories / 60′ building coverage 90% ( usually  75%) lot coverage 90% (usually 80%) Density 180 units per acre ( usually 110 units per acre) No parking provisions

There has been no other building like this in our historic Van Vorst Park Neighborhood.  The Van Vorst Park Association was not notified in time before the Planning Board meeting to adequately review the plans or changes and voice our opinion before it was voted on.  Board members are concerned with lack of parking in an already highly congested parking area, full lot coverage allowing no land for rain/water absorption/run off, no specific type of professional office space to be used, no rear yard setback (could be an issue for York Street neighbors).

An amendment  will be introduced at today’s city council meeting, April 10th, and is scheduled to be voted on Wednesday April 24th.  At the city council meeting on the 24th there will be an opportunity for public comment.  A site plan application is not scheduled to be filed until May at the very earliest.  Historic Commission and Planning Board hearings for the site plan are not yet scheduled.  The Redevelopment Agency and the designated developer have agreed to attend a VVPA meeting prior to any further board hearings. Architectural rendering of the redevelopment  is below.

We felt it was our responsibility to inform our neighbors of this newest development. If you have any thoughts or concerns feel free to email them to  And as always you are free to come to the city council meetings and speak on your own behalf.

Next VVPA meeting is next Tuesday April 16th–we are in the process of lining up Ward E & F and mayoral candidates for an informal meet and greet.  Stayed tuned–newsletter will be out this weekend with all the information.


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