Liberty Harbor North Redevelopment changes

05 Oct 2012, Posted by admin in News You Can Use

At our last meeting,  Jeff Zak, the developer for Liberty Harbor North gave a presentation for changes proposed to the redevelopment plan.  Representatives from our board also met with City Planning to get more clarification. The changes to the ordinance are slated for the 2nd reading in the next city council meeting on Wed. Oct. 10, 2012.

The amendments below are a significant change to the existing ordinance and we, the city and the developer would appreciate any comments or concerns that you may have. You can email comments to or you can voice your opinion directly at the next City Council meeting on October 10, 2012, at City Hall….

Below is a summary of the proposed changes along with along with attached documents provided by City Planning.

Block 1 & 3 (Corner of Jersey Ave, and Grand St.)
The building, originally planned as a 9 story mixed use structure, is being re-envisioned as a much larger “signature” building rising up to 17 stories at the ends with a 32 story tower in the middle along Jersey Ave. Parts of the building shall also remain at 9 stories, with 3 to 5 story townhouses along River St. The original 3 story retail structure on Block 3 shall be turned into a small park. The proposed amendment shall add 397 new residential units.

Block 24 (Marin Blvd & Park Ave – Boys and Girls Club)
The building, originally 9 story residential and 27 story residential/hotel, shall become a mixture of 6-7 story townhouses, a 16 story hotel and (2) 43 story residential towers. This amendment shall add 430 new residential units.

Tidewater Basin District (property adjacent to Morris Canal)
(blocks 19-23, 25 and 27)
The original plan for this development called for 16-17 story buildings along the southern end of the site, with on 45 story tower on block 27 adjacent to the Morris Canal. This amendment removes the 45 story tower and block 27 shall become a park. The buildings on blocks 19-23 and 25 have towers varying in height ranging from 25 to 55 stories. Towers shall sit on bases ranging from 5-12 stories fronting the streets. This amendment shall result in an increase of approximately 2,288 units.

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