September 17th 8:00 pm “The Namesake”

13 Jul 2008, Posted by admin in Events, Films in VVP


“The Namesake”

Directed by Mira Nair


starring Kal Penn, Irrfan Kahn, Tabu

When the the Ganguli family moves from Calcutta to New York, they embark upon a lifelong balancing act to meld into a new world without forgetting the old. Though parents Ashoke and Ashima long for the family and culture that enveloped them in India, they take great pride in the opportunities their sacrifices have afforded their children. Paradoxically, their son Gogol is torn between finding his own unique identity without losing his heritage. Even Gogol’s name represents the family’s journey into the unknown.






Following tonight’s film we will be hosting a Q&A with Allyson Johnson the film editor of ” The Namesake”




click on the link below to view the trailer


  • Tina

    What time is the movie showing?

  • filmsinvanvorst

    All films in july start at 8:30

  • MCA

    Hi parkman,
    I pimped tonight’s movie at WiredJC –,1596.msg21284.html#msg21284 Let us know if anything changes.

  • Peter

    What the **** happened to “Who the **** is Jackson Pollock?”

  • filmsinvanvorst

    Thanks for your question. The Namesake was rained out twice during the season and the opportunity to have the editor of the film for a Q&A presented itself so we felt we could not pass it up. I’m sorry if you were if waiting to see that film. We hope you enjoyed the season.


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