February 2007 VVPA Meeting Minutes

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VVPA minutes-February 20, 2007

No treasurer’s report this month.

Police report: Dina Reilly, Community Relations Officer. Her confidential email, jcpdeastdistrict@yahoo.com is read only by Captain McDonough and her. Telephone: 201-547-5470. Jan 1-Feb 19: 2 B&T auto. One was stuff taken from trunk, so be careful not to leave stuff in trunk as well as on seats. No B&T residences. 3 robberies. What to do if you see someone suspicious: pretend you’re on the phone. Report incident immediately, w/ description: clothes, height, weight, facial features. 2 stolen autos. January: anonymous concerned citizen tip of people checking out autos resulted in an arrest. Call 201 547-5477 for non-emergency, anything suspicious.

Jim Ganley, Code Enforcement Supervisor of the Neighborhood Improvement

District: Street lights now working by the VV PATH station. Steve Fulop will follow up on Montgomery under the turnpike. Telephone 201-547-5683 to report problems to NID. Incinerator Authority telephone: 201-432-4645, x 646 for snow removal complaints.

Sam Shurma, Project Manager, PATH: PATH provides services and charges for them, uses no tax dollars. Named best commuting train service in the country three times in the last 5 years. PATH has 350 cars in their flet, some 50 years old. Checked every night and maintained. They’re buying an all new fleet; we’ll see new card in 2008-9. Also the new PATH station at the WTC. There will be comprehensive signage to say when the next train is arriving. Managers are at 33rd St and the WTC stations to meet the public every Thursday from 7:30-9:30am.

Mia questioned the 10,000 new users from Columbus Towers w/in 4-6 years. No real answer to this from Mr. Sherma, who said they were working on it, would be prepared, although platforms can’t be lengthened due in large part to objections from neighborhoods in Greenwich Village.

If you wonder about delays, call PATHAlert customer service number 201-216627

David Norman: Spoke about the dog run, sent Mark Wesson’s thanks for the VVPA contribution, and Tony Sandkamp for the new bench. Still installing new garbage containers, benches, fencing-waiting for good weather. Norman talked about the new group of volunteers, which is responsible for enforcing rules in the park, w/in and outside of the dog run. Will have signage defining aggressive behavior. Volunteers will wear official tee shirts. Look for more info on Yahoo group Dog JC, and JC Lists. Web address: home.comcast.net~vvpdog.

Andrew Hubsch, VP of Civic JD.org, The group is a 501c4, registered nonpartisan organization, devoted to issues of good governance. Worked on the pay-to-play ordinance that Steve Fulop introduced and which was voted down, but which they’ll continue to work on. They plan to keep a scorecard on how candidates for the ’09 election vote; they’ll send out an e-newsletter every six weeks. Looking for active members. Civicjc.org is the website.


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