January 2007 VVPA Meeting Minutes

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VVPA minutes-January 16, 2007

Treasurer’s report: Geoff reported a balance of $3777.82 in our treasury

Police report: Captain Brian McDonough, East District Commander, thanked us for our help with the toy drive; they delivered 800 toys to the East District, and had enough left over to help out other districts.

Although robberies and breaking and entering of homes and cars are actually down since last year, cars are still being broken into. As long as you leave property unattended, they’ll break the window. GPS’s. laptops, wallets, all get taken. The police had issued 84 summonses for speeding in the last month in a major crackdown on speeders Officers are now using radar. Also they are riding Light Rail to catch offenders. Mia asked about the cop directing traffic a Newark and Barrow-a wise use of personnel? The officer is being paid by a developer to protect a construction site near there, at no cost to the city.

Steve Fulop says he had a list of 40 street lights that are out, and has worked out a deal so they will be fixed. Complaints were voiced about the intersection of Bright & Monmouth, where a liquor store is a magnet for crime. Steve Fulop said to email him with any information or complaints, and he’ll respond promptly.

Mia urged us to help count the homeless on January 25-the event will be featured on her TV show.

Jim Ganley, Code Enforcement Supervisor of the Neighborhood Improvement District told us about Christmas tree pickup on Thursdays throughout December. Garbage pickup will be in the evening henceforth, 10pm-6am to avoid traffic and get the garbage off the street in less time. Call the NID with any problem, and they will refer it to someone who can handle it. The NID has 23 employees to cover all of Jersey City, but they are effective at problem solving and have a high record of success.

Our featured speaker, from PATH, had a last minute conflict and was unable to speak with us, but we had a lively and discussion-filled meeting anyway.

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