November 2006 VVPA Meeting Minutes

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VVPA minutes-November 15, 2006

Police report: No police report this month

Jim Ganley, Code Enforcement Supervisor of the Neighborhood Improvement District brought NID Newsletters for November, and discussed local issues. Among other helpful hints, he reminded us that if we don’t shovel a path two feet wide in front of our houses, we’re liable for a ticket 8 hours after it snows. He urged us to help neighbors out who can’t shovel. Question? What’s the minimum amount of snow that gets ticketed? If it’s slippery, you can be ticketed, even if there isn’t much snow. For light dusting of snow, use snow melt.

Jay Cockerell, JCity Theatre, told us about the upcoming production of

Tuna Christmas, their latest production, to be put on in the sanctuary of Grace Church Van Vorst. This comedy has a large cast of characters, all played by two actors, with the help of wigs, props and frequent costume changes.

President Laura Fraschilla announced the DCNA Christmas Party, to be held at the Bar Majestic on December 12, with free food and a cash bar, and also the Christmas Toy Wrapping Party, at the Barrow Mansion on Dec. 19, 2006. The party is held during the regular monthly meeting time., 7:309:30pm. The Pershing Company has donated toys, and the VVPA will vote on contributing money to buy additional toys to wrap. The toys will go to the West District for distribution, and to Rev. Jones in the Lafayette neighborhood. Additional toys will go to a Jan. 6 party, where the East District Police will distribute them,

Leon Yost made a motion that the VVPA donate $200 to buy toys to supplement Pershing’s contribution. The vote was unanimous in favor.

Suzanne Mack, JC Board of Ed member, took questions from the membership. Regarding the old school building and trailer: The new PS 3 is still not quite finished, so for the time being the old PS 3 is in use-for some programs, and also for programs for the Boys and Girls Club. The Board is working with the Paulus Hook Assn to do major repairs on PS 16. May need the trailers. Re: Complaints about lighting-(PS 3 bright lights late at night disturb neighbors). Lights should be on motion sensors. Call 201915-6348 with complaints. Mack will send Richard Dwyer an email about street lights.


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