October 2006 VVPA Meeting Minutes

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VVPA minutes-October 17, 2006

Police report, by Sgt Hines, Officer DiStefano, and Community Relations Officer (East District) Tina Rielly:

This month: B&T to automobiles, 4 B&T to residences, and 3 robberies (for which four people were arrested). Stolen autos: a Lexus and a VW. 2 B&T autos. We were warned to leave nothing on car seats. Visible GPS devices, iPods, etc, attract thieves to parked cars. One residential B&T, and the actor was arrested. Mia Scanga reported that a pit bull escaped from a car and attacked her dog, who required extensive treatment at the vet. The people in the car appeared to be casing the neighborhood, but there was no way to prove this. Unfortunately, no laws deal with dog-on-dog attacks, only dogs attacking people. We were told that most crimes from 3-7 pm were juveniles, night-time crimes are by adults. You can have your home checked to make sure it’s as burglar-proof as possible. For this free service, call Tina.

Paul Sullivan, president of Pro Arts talked about the Artists’ Studio Tour, and the many events over the weekend-the Opening Party is at Victory Hall Friday night, and Beck will be at Loews in Journal Square Saturday night. There are films, a closing party at the Jersey City Museum, and lots of other events. He handed out postcards detailing times and places.

Jennifer, from the SID, said that we could get leaf bags at 1 Journal Square Plaza, Monday through Friday. We had a vigorous discussion of trash and trash receptacles in public places. Some people object to them as they attract garbage-they are filled up by residents dumping household garbage bags in them. Others say trash receptacles are badly needed-no place to throw a coffee cup, especially around the PATH station at Grove Street. We should talk to Steve Fulop about it, ask him to get out a survey to determine the best policy. Question about a possum in a back yard: Call animal control.

We discussed whether fences around parks would deter drugs and loitering. Leon made a motion that we ask Steve Fulop to pursue putting a fence around the Wayne St. Park, frequented by drug dealers. Mia seconded the motion. The motion passed by a vote of 9 yes to one no.

Mia talked about the dog run in Van Vorst Park, which is coming along well. More funds are needed, and she said that a $100 gets a plaque and


getting an item named for you. A waste station, commercial grade, costs $420, and Mia made a motion that the VVPA pay for one. The amount was rounded up to $500, and the motion passed, with a vote of 9 in favor and 1 against.

The meeting adjourned at 9:10pm.

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