September 2006 VVPA Meeting Minutes

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VVPA minutes-September 19, 2006

Police report, by Sgt Hines and Officer DiStefano:

B&T = Burglary and Theft. This month: 9 B&T to automobiles, only three B&T to residences and businesses (this is down), 3 stolen autos, 3 robberies, notable because four people were arrested for committing them. Improvements: Captain McDonough has staggered shifts around the clock, eliminating the standard half hour of low coverage while the midnight shift comes on. 120 officers working, about 120, up from 90; this includes 4 extra officers paid for by government, now working Hamilton Park, where they’ve had a lot of trouble. Can be deployed elsewhere when conditions permit. Will probably be getting another 5 new graduates. Call Officer Dena Riley if you’re interested in helping with a neighborhood watch.

Steve Fulop:

Asked the VVPA to sponsor him in a marathon. Gave us good news: Restaurant Row is beginning to happen. A new place at 1sst and Grove, another two doors down from LITM, a new Thai restaurant opening. He and Bob Cotter are working on a redevelopment plan for the south side of Newark, which is in worse shape than across the street.

Steve says he spent his first year setting up more professional relationships throughout his district, and his second focusing on parks. Owen Grundy pier will be completely reconstructed, including the walkway, as will Colgate Park. Hamilton Park gets a major restructuring, a great plan with a lot of community input. The VVP Dog run is just about ready to go-the initial bid was way too high, so the plan was reworked, now down to about $100,000 in cost. $30,000 in private funding has been obtained for the fence, and it’s inches away from being built. Public Works will build in it-house, saving a lot of hassle. The Italian Village park at First St is now on deck. In his third year, he’ll tackle ethics and corruption, especially the practice of allowing dual government jobs.

Questions for Steve Fulop: Update on re-val? It will come. When the equalization ratio falls below 70 or 80%, that’s a sign a re-val is likely-and we’re now at 25%. Most critical: Corzine has rejected JC getting a million bucks or so just because we’re a big city, and also funds as a distressed city, because we aren’t collecting enough taxes. So no extra funds until we have a re-val. It will take two or three years to go from door to door and inventory all the buildings. The usual course is to set the wheels in motion, get the process begun, so the tax bills start coming to residents just as the new mayor is taking office, so he’ll have to deal with the mess.

Sandy Cockerel on his theatre company, J City Theatre, now based at Grace Church Van Vorst. Its opening production is JB, the Pulitzer Prize winning play by poet

Archibald MacLeish, opening Sept 28 at 8pm at GCVV. Buy tix, $18, $15 for seniors, at See their website,, for info on their complete season.

Election: Erma Yost, election officer, presented the slate of VVPA board members:

President, Laura Fraschilla; First VP, Bill Donohue, 2nd VP Carrie Furin, Secretary, Anne 2

Barry; Treasurer Geoffrey Furin, At large: Dan Webber, Amy Sanders, Rory Sortino. You have until 10 days before the next meeting (Oct 17) to submit other names.

Treasurers report: from Carrie Furin: $5943.72 in the treasury

Marlene Sandkamp made a motion that we sponsor Steve with $500 for the county child abuse charity the marathon money will go to, seconded by Mia. It was passed unanimously.

Archives: Anne asked for VVPA “pioneers” to send emails giving memories of the reval struggle and other battles, as she’s collecting info on the VVPA history for our new website.

Tony Sandkamp adjourned the meeting at 9 pm

Submitted by Anne Barry, Secretary

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